Check Out These Ridiculous Supercars That Are Taking Driving Car Tech To The Next Level

It’s true that technology is having a substantial impact on almost every aspect of daily life, but when it comes to cars automakers are really pushing the envelope. Don’t believe it? Check out these Ridiculous Supercars That Are Taking Driving Car Tech To The Next Level.

BMW i8

The BMW i8 already looked remarkable when it was first released almost five years ago. Today’s updated version is even more impressive, though. It boasts a hybrid engine that can launch its passengers to 60 mph speeds in less than 4.2 seconds, and comes equipped with a wide variety of sophisticated digitally integrated gadgets including a smart dashboard known as the ConnectDrive.

Porsche 918 Spider Hybrid

Porsche has always been known for producing high-end luxury vehicles, but this year’s 918 Spider Hybrid really pulls out all the stops. It is light, yet powerful, and capable of reaching top speeds of nearly 220 mph. Like the BMW i8, it also boasts a hybrid engine capable of getting 71 mpg without sacrificing comfort or speed.

Tesla Model S

What makes the Tesla Model S stand apart from the typical luxury sedan? For one thing, it is absolutely packed with advanced technological features. It is capable of self-driving and insanely speedy acceleration, yet produces no pollution whatsoever.

When it comes to supercars, the Tesla Model S may be giving drivers a glimpse into what the future might hold. The autonomous driving software it uses may someday allow drivers to completely eliminate the risks associated with regular commutes and long-distance trips alike.

Jaguar C-X75

This supercar was originally designed in 2010 as a concept car. Its high cost of production was originally cited as enough reason to keep it off the market indefinitely. However, with the popularity of hybrids growing and the price for critical components dropping the C-X75 is now an economically feasible alternative to other mass-produced hybrid sports cars.

It boasts two electric motors in addition to a four-cylinder 1.6L gas engine, giving it more than enough get-up-and-go to be considered a viable sports car. What makes it a supercar is the inclusion of a flat screen control panel designed to replace the majority of dashboard functions. With so much competition in this previously niche market, it’s safe to assume that even more innovation is to come.

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