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Enter the Dimension of Art – The World of Oil Paintings

A lot of people have yet to know what oil painting really is, not just a tap at the forehead. There were periods that were very receptive when it came to art and paintings but there also came a time that people began to ignore art and its form. With different forms of art, this article will focus on oil painting, where it came from and how it came to be. When it came to oil painting, it started in the middle east and it was not for art purposes at first, When they noticed that oil painting actually had a different stride to it, the artisans did something to change the concept of oil painting. The art form then traveled to Europe where it began to capture the eyes of many people and mind you that Europe was the art capital of the world during that time. Many European artists made use of the oil painting style in art work in the 15th century. When the renaissance period came, that was when oil painting really began to grow into a truly amazing art form. You have to know that during the renaissance and after it, oil painting still grew and spread across the world.

As the term itself says, oil painting is using oil to paint on a canvas. Instead of using the usual base paint for mixing with the pigments, they use oil. They usually use linseed oil for their mixtures. You have to know that flax seeds will be very important in the production of linseed oil. But it is not only linseed oil that artists use for their base, there plenty of other types of oils available. You have walnut oil as well as poppy seed oil. When you mix the dried pigments onto the oil, there will be no better version of color compared to any another base. The intensity of your gloss will depend on the oil you use. After you mix the pigment and the oil, you can now begin your art work. The oil painting is for canvas art only and nothing else. Canvas art is the type of art form that will use canvas as its base. If you use a thin material, the color will not retain its true vibrancy and that is not what you want, right?

Oil painting is not done directly on the canvas though. You will avoid errors when you start with etching the design on the canvas with a pencil first. You should have everything ready first before you go and try create your own art form.

To become an outstanding artist, you will have to understand art itself, that is how you can get ahead of life and become famous for your art work.

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